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Sidener Control Systems

As innovators of fluid power solutions, we design and fabricate pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, electrohydraulic systems, and hydraulic power units which meet our customers' needs for improved efficiencies, increased productivity, reduced downtime and safety.

From initial design through fabrication and installation, we have the resources, capabilities, and technical know-how to solve even your most challenging fluid power problems.

Ross Water Manifold

The Ross Water Manifold tests water flow through dies.

Actuating a solenoid diverts water from a cooling passage to a flow meter and assures the proper amount of water is passing through that particular cooling passage.

Lockable Ball Valve

This Lockable Ball Valve locks out large hydraulic lines.

The design allows leakage flow from either the upstream or downstream port to drain to tank. The valve uses a full flow tank port to guard against catastrophic failures.

Side Loop Filtration

We manufacture a variety of "Side Loop" Filtration Systems.

Systems are available with different flow rates and filtration levels. Your filtration system will be designed to meet the unique requirements of your application.

Die Close Valve Manifold

This valves replaces a large, multifunction valve used for die close.

This Die Close Manifold uses cartridge valve technology to provide rapid response, high flow capacity, dependable operation, and easy maintenance.

The manifold mounts directly on the existing subplate. Features of the manifold system include:

- Die Close Cylinder Extend
- Extend at High Speed (regenerative flow)
- Extend with Adjustable Deceleration
- Retract
- Retract with Adjustable Deceleration

Please contact us to discuss how Sidener Control Systems can help you with your next project. Our personnel will work with you to provide a system or power unit which will meet your needs.

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